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Fact…Project Management is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, with a million PRINCE2® qualified Project Managers internationally and the demand growing for them every day!

This number serves to illustrate the value of a PRINCE2® Project Management qualification.

In the 21st century, the demand for skilled Project Managers is at an all-time high as organisations and agencies continue to focus on higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction with minimum resources.

As an accredited PRINCE2®Practitioner these are advantages you will have:

Marketability and Value

Your skills will be in demand by companies and organisations worldwide in multiple industries which, realise the value, the skill and techniques you will have obtained by completing the PRINCE2® training curriculum.

As a project manager you will:

  • Earn an excellent salary and benefit compensation.
  • Be highly skilled in the tools, techniques and processes (industry standards) used to effectively manage projects and produce expected results.
  • Work in a profession that offers seemingly limitless opportunities for growth and advancement.
  • Have ample opportunities for ongoing professional development.

prince2 manual


Foundation & Practitioner PRINCE2® training courses:

PRINCE2® Foundation:

Foundation delegates attend classes from Monday to Wednesday, with the Foundation examination taking place on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm. This is a one hour closed book examination consisting of 75 multiple choice questions. 5 of the 75 questions are practice questions which will not count towards your pass mark.

In order to pass you must achieve 50% that is 35 out of 70 questions. ANTS PM T&D will mark your papers immediately and inform you of your result within an hour of completing the examination.

PRINCE2® Practitioner:

Delegates wishing to achieve Practitioner status will continue to study all day Thursday, taking the Practitioner examination on Friday morning at 10am. The duration of the examination is 2 ½ hours. The Practitioner exam contains 8 questions, each worth 10 marks, totaling 80 marks. There are 6 'theme' questions, each testing one of the 7 themes, and 2 'process group' questions, which will test 2 of the 3 groups of processes identified in the syllabus. 

During the examination you will be able to refer to your PRINCE2® manual. The Practitioner examination is marked by the APM Group (Ltd) in the UK and results will be available 4 - 6 weeks after completing the examination. In order to pass you must achieve 55% that is 44+ out of 80 marks. 

The total cost of the course is inclusive of:

  • A pre-course preparation guide
  • An Interactive CD with sample examination questions
  • The PRINCE2® Manual
  • 14 Day SMS Guideline
  • A course training folder with sample examination questions
  • Tuition by an APM Group Limited accredited PRINCE2® trainer
  • Foundation and Practitioner examinations
  • Free secure parking
  • Morning and afternoon tea / coffee and muffins as well as a  sit down lunch are included in your.


PRINCE2® Foundation Course
Introduction to PRINCE2® Course
PRINCE2® Briefing for Senior Managers
In-company Courses

PRINCE2® Practitioner Course   




The PRINCE2® Practitioner course is a five day course which is very intensive and highly participative and is accredited by APMG and presented by a PRINCE2® approved trainer.  This level is aiming to measure whether a candidate would be able to apply PRINCE2® to the running and managing of a project within an environment supporting PRINCE2®. To this end they need to exhibit the competence required for the Foundation qualification, and show that they can apply and tune PRINCE2® to address the needs and problems of a specific project scenario.


Course Details


Pre-course preparation


  • The pre-course reading is sent to delegates four weeks before the commencement of each course.
  • It is strongly recommended that at least 20 hours of pre-course reading is completed during the weeks before the course starts.




  • The first three days comprises the Foundation Stage, i.e. the principles, themes and processes of PRINCE2®.
  • Day 4 is spent preparing delegates for the PRINCE2® Practitioner examination.
  • On the morning of day 5 the delegates write the Practitioner examination.
  • A combination of lecturing, group work and self-assessment is applied to enhance individual learning.
  • During the course all delegates are expected to carry out additional work after hours.




  • Only delegates that have successfully completed the Foundation examination (achieved a 50% pass mark) may write the PRINCE2® Practitioner examination.
  • The Practitioner is the second of the two PRINCE2® Examinations. A Delegate is required to pass to become a PRINCE2® Registered Practitioner.
  • The Practitioner exam contains 8 questions, each worth 10 marks, totalling 80 marks. There are 6 'theme' questions, each testing one of the 7 themes, and 2 'process group' questions, which will test 2 of the 3 groups of processes identified in the syllabus.
  • A Pass mark of 44+ out of 80 (55%) is required to pass the Practitioner course.

Exam Terms and Conditions


 Included in the cost of the  full 5 days are:


  • joining instructions,
  • PRINCE2® manual,
  • pre-course preparation booklet,
  • Course CD,
  • detailed course notes handbook,
  • exam fees for both Foundation and Practitioner levels,
  • refreshments and lunches.


We recommend that our delegates study for at least
20 hours prior to the course!


Once the event has formally been booked we will send out pre-course material.

*All payments are to be made before the training material will be sent out.

Successfully managing and delivering projects and projects specialist products is a challenge in all industries. Ants Project Management Training & Development provides training for all project staff to ensure controlled execution and successful closure of projects in all industries, across all cultures and covering all levels of project skills and competencies. Our aim is to make learning fun yet effective, producing measurable and positive outcomes. PRINCE2 is an international project management methodology, used globally from the USA through the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia , Australia and Africa and provides organizations with a common language and method of managing projects to successful closure. The methodology, accredited training organisations, course material, examinations, certifications and trainers are strictly controlled and regulated by the APM Group in the UK and therefore professional and of the highest international standards. The course is intense and fast paced but worth every effort and more. Embedding PRINCE2 in your environment and having accredited PRINCE2 Practitioners managing and participating in your company’s projects will ensure successful project outcomes, stable transformation from projects to the operational environment and measurability of project benefits beyond the life the project. At Ants, our clients and delegates are at the centre of our focus. We ensure delegates receive their pre-course material, which contains clear guidelines,  2 weeks before the start of the course. They are contacted and reminded via text messages on a regular basis to keep them focused - all in an effort to ultimately ensure their success and value for your money.
PRINCE2 consists of the following 4 integrated elements: 7 processes, 7 themes, 7 principles and the project environment. It can be tailored to suit your specific environment and also the specific project environment. The integration of these elements are carefully and logically explained and taught during the duration of the course:  
-          Our Trainers who have years of extensive training experience and are experts in not only project management but also on their subject, go the extra mile to transfer knowledge and bring about true comprehension in preparation for the 1 hour-long Foundation examination on the afternoon of day 3. -          Every evening the delegates recap what was covered during the day - the next days’ work does not commence unless all the delegates are ready and comfortable to commence. -          Day 4 is spent on comprehensive and intense preparation for the 2.5 hour long Practitioner examination which is written on the morning of day 5.


In-company PRINCE2 Training Courses

All courses are available in-company, enabling us to meet the needs of specific delegate groups or to support the overall aims and objectives of your organisation. Once we have established and analysed your training requirements we will propose a programme that will provide you with flexibility in terms of duration, size of group, timing and venue. In-company courses can be delivered anywhere you require. Whether it’s a one-day workshop or a long-term programme, in-company training can be the most cost effective option.


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