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Many experts say the secret to success is beginning with a plan. Steven R Covey, in his bestselling book Seven Habits of Highly People, says that one should begin with and end in mind. Covey advises we envision ourselves already being in the positions we want to be in, and stand acting like we are already there. As far as career advancement is concerned it is important to go the extra mile in your efforts in the position we are in. Working hard cannot only be reserved for when we are in positions we desire. Ensure you perform consistently well in your current role and always aim to go beyond the call of duty and exceed expectations. Once you have identified the roles you would like to take on, try and get all the training you can. Continue to improve yourself and become more and more educated in the areas of your strengths so that you can be more effective with them. Keep up to date with the market and build up a strong personal network.  Always be on a look out for opportunities and take initiative to seize them without expecting anything in return. Develop a habit of being quick to volunteer for tasks and be willing to take on work no one else wants. Take risks, and be willing make mistakes as long as you can learn from them and better yourself because of it. Learn to master communication skills. Communication is such an important skill in so many areas its definitely worth learning more about it and learning to master it. "The truth is, people aren't promoted only because of hard work. You have to be just as focused on building relationships," says career coach Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author of Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office. In fact, she says,  "To be promoted into leadership roles, you need to be likable. And that means being social." Every industry and business is changing, morphing, and growing. Stay on top of yours. Get yourself certified with Prince2 Project Management Accreditation from Ants Projects. 


Madisakwane, Phalenyane P
2017-01-11, 10:49
Hello Abigail

Compliments to the new year. I hope you entered well and looking forward to the opportunities presented in 2017.

I would like to … read more
Mphoza Masemola
2015-05-21, 17:22
Afternoon Matium,

Thanks again Matium for you excellent method of training….there is no ways I would have passed without following your … read more
Segomotso Matswiri
2015-03-13, 09:25
The instructor was very articulate of issues and was very easy to follow and understand.
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